Company OÜ Agdeck-Auto deals with sale, service and repair of new and used cars. Agdeck-Auto is the official representative of  Honda, Hyndai, Suzuki, Isuzu and KGM cars, and Honda motor boats and the equipment. 

The company trade representations are located in Jõhvi, Pargi 39 . 

The company is also the official representative of TIKI-TREILER brand trailers in Ida-Virumaa.

OÜ Agdeck-Auto started work in 1998.

The company got the right of sale and service of HONDA brand cars in 1998 and in 2020 Hyndai, Suzuki, Isuzu and KGM cars.

The sale and service centre in Jõhvi is located in a building with total the area of 2500 square metres in immediate proximity from highway (Tallinn-Narva and Tallinn - Tartu), and about 2 km from Jõhvi city centre.


Agdeck-Auto mission is sale and service of Honda, Hyndai, Suzuki brand cars, Honda motor boats and the equipment in Virumaa.
To be the partner, proceeding from strategy of development of represented cars’ brands, and to offer the clients the best services by means of competent trading activity and qualitative service, and also to find new clients. To be the employer for inhabitants of the region and to promote through this general and economic development of the region.


Constantly to develop services and to satisfy needs of clients. To acquaint clients with new products and types of service. To be competitive and competent of the given field of activity by means of constant self-improvement and training.


In order to maintain a competition it is extremely necessary to support the whole organisation at the modern level, to be able to adapt to quickly varying requirements and to provide quality in management, sale, and in service, and also to consider requirements and clients’ wishes and to try to fulfil them quickly and qualitatively.

Means of quality maintenance and achievement of clients’ satisfaction are:

  • Planning and the analysis;
  • Competent trading work;
  • Fast and exact logistics;
  • Use of high-quality and meeting technical requirements materials, working means and the equipment for performance of service and repair works;
  • High qualification and system of additional training for managers, experts and workers;
  • Supervision and tracking systems. Supervision should provide as early detection of nonconformance as it possible and should help to avoid clients’ dissatisfaction with poor-quality, untimely etc. work.

We consider the constant improvement of knowledge and skills of the staff through regular trainings to be the mean of providing qualitative sale and service. Therefore all workers have passed professional training, and we constantly assess the level of staff’competence and definy the necessity of training.



Agdeck-Auto wishes to create and keep good and long-term relations, both with the clients, and with business partners, which would provide achievement of the maximum benefit of all interested parties. As companies depend on their clients and other interested parties management of Agdeck-Auto realises the importance of identification of clients’ requirements and other interested parties and necessity of understanding their present and future requirements. It includes the account of requirements and expectations, both workers, and clients, business partners and other interested groups, and also maintaining working environment which corresponds to laws and needs. In advance finding out and trying to foresee clients’ requirements and expectations, it is possible to correspond to their requirements and to reach and raise clients’ and interested parties’ satisfaction. In order to achieve the satisfaction of interested parties we try to develop constantly, receive feedback, to consider and fulfil requirements of clients and interested parties. The management of the company has accepted maintenance of performance of clients’ and other interested parties’ requirements in the duties.



The management undertakes to provide their employees knowledge of the legislative and regulating requirements applied both to the resold goods, and to services, processes and company work.

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